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Video blog marketing

What do you write about?

What do you do about a video blog?

Do you want to be famous?
Do you want people to be interested in your opinion?
Do you want to be on TV?
Would you like more people to watch your video blog?

The most important thing to have your opinion.
The most important thing to say is.
The most important thing to tell people is where you said your opinion. (Marketing - because you need marketing, not just anyone who wants to sell a product)

Of course I know: There are support that your target group wants to read. Marketing says you have to write about that. But you need to know that there are topics that are more interested in people than anything else. The writings of this can be read even after many years. Marketing says that besides topics that are of interest to your own target group, you also need to write about them. What are the ten evergreen themes? These:

1. Financial stability, earnings, wealth, business
2. Health, long life, healthy lifestyle
3. Love, family
4. Security, fear, stress, anxiety
5. Faith, religion
6. Realizing self-esteem, plans, goals, dreams
7. Recognizing the community
8. Independence, freedom
9. Sexuality and love
10 Beauty and attractiveness

You are happy to dedicate one or two entries a week to one of these themes. Just a few good examples:


Become a winning type

Just do this and you will be familiar

Did you know that only 1 of 100 Internet users are making entries?
Do you know that only 1 of 100 people who write a post is persistent enough to make a record or video every day for 90 days. Therefore, only every 10,000 people have the opportunity to be famous and known. They will be on television on the radio. the newspapers will write about them. Will you be among them?
But work is very simple and does not cost you money. you can only succeed.

If you want to be known and popular you need 20 minutes a day.
Do it for 90 days and you'll be famous.What would you do with it?

Make an entry every day. Do not need much: 300-500 words long writing about some kind of current stuff. Or make a video. Then put it on your blog. Here's a look at 10 blogs and videos each day and comment on each one. In your commentary, write your internet name and put your blog link here.

If you send me your post or your video, I'll be on the Internet and even write 20 comments every day to find where the readers are. This can make your job even easier.

But look at the following vidos as well:

Check out the following pages:

Tomorrow will be about the topics that every visitor will read. If your post is about these topics, readers can read it for years. These are called evergreen themes. The themes that made so many Internet users known and made their way.


You be famous

How do you talk to people if you are a famous person?

If you want to be famous, it is important to have your own opinion.
If you want to be famous, it's important to tell your opinion.
If you want to be famous, it is important how you say your opinion

If you want to be famous, it's important to love, love people. You need to know that people do not want to talk to people who always criticize something. It is true that many people in the beginning read the writings of people who constantly criticize. Their readers are growing faster than they can expect. But after that, they forget the same fast.

People do not like those who always complain. Rather, they like those who are funny, talk about things and write about solutions rather than the hopeless situation.
When you write a post, you talk to people, it always comes to your mind.
It's also important to know that people do not like controversial people. You may be right in a dispute, but you will lose readers. Worth it? No. Instead, shut it down, avoid the debate. If someone provokes you, arguably arguing, avoid it. Do not answer it, do not take it. You will win.
Today's job is to remember someone you're very angry with. And write three positive sentences. Say three things you like.

If you want to be familiar, it is important to have your blog where you are publishing your message, your opinion. How to have a good blog? I recommend these pages to you:

If you want to move faster, visit this site at

Tomorrow you will read a new topic: What are the tasks you need to do daily to be known. If you plan on doing so for 20 minutes a day for 90 days, you become accustomed. If you become accustomed, you may be a well-known person, 6-12 months, whose opinion is being asked by journalists, reporters, and TV presidents. Want to be a famous man?


Be famous

How can you be known?

If you watch the television, listen to the radio, read the newspaper, you can see how many people are. They're like you. They only differ in their knowledge. And you are not known. Yet!
Because if you really want to, you may be well known. Easy and easy. Only 30 minutes a day are needed. You spend so much time on the Internet while you're in the coffee or while you're watching the showrooms. Turn it into a useful thing and be well known.
If you want to be familiar, there are two things you can do:
1. Every day, take 30 minutes to complete your daily tasks.
2. Have your say
Known people differ from you in their opinion. And they say it. Did you know that there are only one out of 100 people who have an opinion? And only 100 percent of them make up and say it consciously. They will be known. Out of every 10,000 people 1.
If you want to reach anything in life, you must be one of those people. Do you want to be successful? Do you want to start your own business? You should be among those people.
Of course, today's day is no longer a task. Read today's news, but not the way it was before. If you read a story, think about what you think about that news. Try to explain, justify your opinion. Do not explain with facts and figures with phrases or political phrases. Then write down your opinion in 3-5 sentences. Do this for two or three news.

If you really want to know, check out the following videos:

If you want to move faster, visit this site at
If you want to be known, it does not matter that people like it or just accept it, or just listen to it. Tomorrow you will be told that if you want to be familiar, how do you feel about how you say your opinion.


It's free

Do you want to deal with a video blog?
Do you have a business?
Want to start an Internet business?
Would you like more people to read your website, your blog?

You can always advertise, but it costs money. Question what the outcome will be.
There is a lot of work on the free advertising boards to post your ad.

There is another way. And that's free.
Ask for free information at

video blogger

 To whom should your video be?

Most video bloggers only do some videos, upload them, and expect them to succeed, meaning that viewers will only get their video back. It will not be so. It never was and will never be like that. You need to work for the audience. Even luck is not difficult.
Before you start taking and preparing anything, it's important to know that all the basics are planning. Planning is what you need to decide on a lot of important issues. One of the most important issues for a successful video blogger is to define the target group. Specifically, who you are making your video. If you just blink in the topics, your viewers are just as unplanned as to where they come from or from that group. This path does not lead to lasting success.
Many people say that they are all over. This is almost impossible. There are very few topics that are of interest to everyone. So the target group needs to be defined. It's okay if the target group is a relatively small group. Otherwise, in this case, the rule of the Internet is that: Less is more.
It is good if you can precisely define your target group. Write down and always keep in mind. Somehow, "My target group is a housewife aged between 40 and 50 who has a small apartment and used an old car. Her husband is often at home. The woman has little girlfriend and she has a lot on the Internet. "
There is also help in defining the target group. Each person can identify many target groups through which a video can be transmitted. But he can really communicate with the target group he can really look like. This is the case for all people with only two target groups:
1. The group of people to which it belongs
2. The group of people who are most interested in
So it's not so difficult to determine the target group of your videos. Of course this group can still be narrowed down, you can refine your dump. Also important for the future video blogger are:
1. The target group has problems with which to pick up the Internet, help
2. The members of the target group should be characterized by their extensive internet connection

If all of this has been done, then you have an appropriate target group. Watch videos that match your target group. Record the most processed topics. Please note the topics most people have commented on. Watch your target group language and try to use it in your video blogs.

Watch the following videos:

Today's task consists of two parts:
1. Take a booklet and enter the definition of your target group on the first page
2. Line up the topics that your target group deals with in the following pages. You will also have to deal with these themes.

If you're really serious about it, check out the following entry:  Click here!

Tomorrow I'm writing a speech style. I hope you care because it is an important milestone for success.


Be video blogger

Be a successful video blogger

Have you launched a video blog and want more people to watch your videos? You're not alone. Everyone needs more visitors. The website owner, the blogger, the webshop owner and of course the video blogger.
Good luck can often help. But how well you'll be known depends on you. The result of your work. I can do this in helping you. I can tell you what to do. If you want to be successful if you want to be a video blogger to whom you are paying attention, you have to do the following:
1. Regularly read my daily posts
2. Make a note of what to do about making a video
3. Make videos and put them in
4. Always have an opinion
5. Say your opinion (But beware, because most unsuccessful video bloggers fail because they did not know how to comment. Before posting your comment, read what I'm saying!)
6. Make the daily "task"

Today's task:
If you do not have a blog yet, open one. Any of these free blog platforms are good. But if you want, you can also open a blog on a paid platform.

What to See:

What I'm going to write tomorrow:
What is the theme of your video blog?

If you're really serious about it, check out the following entry: Click here!