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Business and face care

Sandra, 44: I do not have any questions, but I want to tell something. I have a girlfriend, Mary. We are the same age. But his face is barely visible on the wrinkles, and his other contemporaries struggle with the wrinkles in the corner of the eye and the lips. We spend about a week for cosmetics, using different creams, packs. But the wrinkles just do not pass away. Mary has heard some of the facial massage. He learned the method and applied it twice a day. In the office, if we have free time, it will also be done. We only give chocolate, liqueur, bottles of sweet sweet wine to Mary. But after work, he goes to 2-3 patients every day to perform facial massage. It is said that the earned money of this kind is almost as much as the salary of the party. At several times, when the boss was unfairly criticized, he said he was thinking he was going to resign and live only in facial massage.
Answer: I'm starting out with no one to be fooled by, the facial masseuse and the cosmetician's work are not the same. Cosmetics cleans the skin with great expertise, keeps the cells alive, advises on the type of cream to protect the skin. Unfortunately, we know that many of the recommended creams are considered to be expensive and experiment with cheaper creams. Let's say something the girlfriend suggested. However, it is unlikely that what the girlfriend is good for will be good to us. It would be better to listen to the beauties of the profession.
The facial mask completes the work of a beautician. Massage would be more needed. It would be best to do the casting twice a day, but at least twice a week it would be advisable. Everyone could learn the method of facial massage because it is a relatively simple operation. Of course, if they do not do it properly, they can harm him more than they use. You can get free information here about muscle mass training: In the Subject box, enter: Face Massage.
Starting a facial massage business is relatively simple and inexpensive. No need for machinery, expensive equipment, workshops. It is best if the masseuse is looking for patients at the start of the business.
After the acquired knowledge, a prospective entrepreneur can practice his own, so there will be a tendency for his career. You can initially use your own cream set, although it is not a problem to buy some other cream to properly handle those with a different type of skin. After that, only ten new ones are needed.
A friend of mine started his business that he was advertising the business. Her friends did the massage for free, then they offered her to the acquaintances. The first unknown patient appeared after 45 days. After that, women and even men became more and more involved. And after half a year the patients had been busy with their full time, working full-time. Still, he lives in a small town with fewer than 10,000 people. In fact, people living there do not give much to their looks, they do not fashion, many do not break their faces.
A massage takes 20 to 30 minutes. So he initially asked for 15-20 USD. but time has shown that patients are willing to provide this double for their successful work. He gives a special discount to three times a week for face massage, or for at least two months for the dates and pay for the massage fee.