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Working on the internet

Do not sell cheap things!

Lisa, 17: I want to work on the Internet. Not as an informatics. I would rather sell things. I think I'm making a nice and cheap product, I put it on the internet, and then I just sell it. I want to start now, by the time I'm 25 to 30, I'm rich. What do I bet?
Answer: Many people want to search the Internet. Two fatal mistakes are made.
- They think the Internet is a pioneer.
- They want to earn a lot of sales of cheap products.
Let's start with the first one. The Internet is not a miracle marketing toolkit. You can sell it, promote it cheaply, organize marketing campaigns. The less money you spend on this, the more you have to work. But working in every way. Even if you are on the market with the best idea in the world. Ask Gatest or Zuckenberget, but if I've ever met Jobs, I might have liked it. So the Internet can help, but you have to work with it.
The second question is cheap or expensive. Most people want cheap product. Of this, many millions of tonnes are produced by factories, the workers of poorer countries for low pay ... Do you want to compete with them? If you just want to make it, forget it. But you said you wanted to get rich.
Count on a bit: If you say $ 2 in your product, how much can you earn on it? Let's say 10-30 cents. Be lucky and find 50 cents. How much do you have to get from getting $ 5,000 a month? 10 000 pieces. And $ 5,000 a month has not yet been rich. For a normal home, you should live for a very long time for 4-5 years, and you will have to stretch it.
Be your own brend. Offer expensive things. What? There are countless possibilities. You have to find the opportunity to help me, but in the next few days I'll write some posts about it.