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Weight loss and motivation

Do you want to lose weight? - Make a motivation plan!

An important part of human thinking is that when you have a goal for a person, it is much easier to find a way to get there. More purposeful, more diligent, more persistent.
Do you really want to lose weight? You know it's not easy. Your stewards will be hungry, old habits, delicacies that will bring you ... Why do not you want to help yourself? Make a motivation plan. And keep it!
Of course, a motivational plan is not easy to prepare. Most people want everything tomorrow. So it is with those who are not successful in multi level marketing who stop their studies who do not realize their dreams.
The essence of the motivational plan is to put our expectations on a realistic basis. It's not realistic to get rid of 20 percent of our body weight over a month. It's not realistic to change anything in our eating habits, but we've lost a lot. It's not realistic to eat diet with unhealthy foods, with something that we will not even think about.
Diet has three important elements. It's like a three-legged small chair. If all three feet are the same length, the small chair is stable. If one of his legs is shorter, the small chair does not fall, it is only inconvenient to sit on it. If one of the feet is shorter or shorter, the thumbnail is no good at all.
Important elements of dieting:
- The eating habits
- Motivation
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