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Foods with little calories

Nancy, 25: I want to lose weight. I know, they say, swimming, running, gymnastics ... Unfortunately, I do not have much time for this. Yet how can I wear it?
Answer: From the point of view of dieting, it is crucial to either reduce the calories of consumed foods or increase the body's energy consumption. We can increase energy consumption by exercise, movement, and physical work. Many people have no way of doing this. In such cases, the only solution is to reduce the caloric value of the food consumed. There are countless ways to do this. Everyone has the best of their Personal Slimming Program. If you are interested in free information about it, please email: In the Subject box, enter: Personal Slimming Program.
As a council I would like to list some foods that contain very little calories. If these foods are on your menu several times while you do not increase the consumption of sugar, carbohydrates, oils and fats and other calories, you will lose weight successfully.
- Celery. There are only 6 calories in 100 grams. It is worth mixing with raw salads, cut into small cubes. The role of herbs is also important.
- Egg protein. An egg protein contains only 17 calories. During diet it is important not to reduce the amount of protein consumed. It has a major role in egg protein. Mix the best egg egg protein into different raw salads, or even eat it as a snack alone.
- Salad. Depending on the variety 10-20 calories. It can be a useful addition to different meats. Do not leave it on the plate as a decorator for food. In dieting, it is more than just consuming.
- Cucumber. It has only 16 calories. Even prepared for cucumber salad, with little garlic, oil, drops of sugar and yogurt, does not contain much calories. For decoration of meat dishes, for raw salads.
- Cauliflower. We have 25 calories of our lowest-calorie flower food. Edible raw, salad, served, baked, baked. The least calories, of course, are raw or cooked. Baking or baking due to the oil or grease added makes it more caloric.
- Tomatoes. It also has 25 calories. Edible raw or added to salad. In the form of ketchup, the amount of calories can be very high because of additives.
Broccoli. 31 calories. Low-calorie juice, which is mainly served by steaming, frying, cooking, or preparing for a cream soup.
- Popcorn. 31 calories. Best for fun. But just choose this nudity if you can not afford to eat a black wall without a snack during the meals. If you can leave it, so many calories will be less in your body.
- Cabbage. 32 calories.
- Sugar spinner. 35 calories. The least amount of beans, peas and lentils are included. That is why it is worth using it as a garnish.
And then we arrived in the world of fruits: grapefruit (50), melon (55), strawberry (50), blackberry (62), orange (80), blueberry (85) ...