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Hair health

Peter, 47: I'm almost bald, but I still have a little hair around my head. When this hair ring gets better, I'll go to barber to cut it off. One time, at the end of the haircut, my barber, whom we have known each other for decades, asked funnyly, "Is this all you have to do?" I say to her, "If you can not grow my head on the head and on the bald side, then it will have so much work in the next few years." By the time he: "If someone inventes the method of re-growing the hair on the bald head, it will not be millionaire but billionaire."
Answer: I think you are right about your barber. That's why we should be careful and take care of our hair for as long as we have. If you've got a piece of paper, you have to work hard to get hair growth again. And we never sure will be effective at all.
Although cosmetic factories are almost every month with a panacea. Specifically, most honestly tell you to offer a hair care product. However, few people who go to the market with a "panacea" tend to be looking for a lot.
In the case of cosmetics, large companies do not need advertising. Small, emerging and new companies, however, are only struggling to compete in the market. I recently ran into the site of such an emerging company. It was worth checking out. Look, too, you might find something that can be useful for you. If you do not buy from your offer, you will at least learn from it.