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Internet Addiction - Disease?

Susan, 27: I spend 2 to 3 hours a day online. Besides this, I look at my cell phone by gentleman, whether I have received a message. If I got it, of course I will read it immediately, look at the pictures and the video, read the text and answer it. My husband does not like the internet. He would rather have a beer and talk with his friends for hours. I usually do the baby, cook, and keep my household, clean up, and cook. However, my husband says I'm addicted to the internet. He says it's a disease I'm doing. True?
Answer: Not the patient who drinks a glass of wine, beer or something else. The alcoholic is the one who can not afford to drink alcoholic drinks. It is not the drug addict who has a tablet for headaches or other things but who can not do without it.
Internet addiction is a new thing. Like the internet itself. It's hard to tell who the patient is, who the pendant is. Just as it's hard to tell who's the job, who needs fun or something else. If we just look at how much you use and try to draw conclusions from that, then a lot of people are newspaper-dependent, book-dependent, love-dependent. etc. would be because it can not do without these things. The trouble is when these things completely determine their lives.
Internet addiction is spreading today. Like most addictions, loneliness plays an important role, so is it with the internet addiction. In particular, people with social solitude are in a vulnerable position. People who, although they have a family, or have many friends, still feel alone. This social solitude gives birth to a depressant. If it is related to increased Internet usage, one can go online with the help of the Internet to the virtual world. Many games are based on this element. Of course, this does not mean that such toys are bad and evil. Just because there are those who should look for more fun, but most people can play quietly, because they are just fun and relaxation.
Socially lonely people can enter the virtual world. You just have to take care not to develop a pediatric attachment. It's best to try and look at the new information. It is also useful for passive readers, instead of internet users, to think about the readings, their opinions and even say it and write it down. You do not have to agree with the reading you heard. If you think about what you heard, it helps, does not let us trap.
It is also good to look for novelties. Let's look at the pages that make internet connections to real world events and strive to stay firm in the real world, virtual world recreation, entertainment, source of information. And you have to stay.
To learn more about social solitude, write to my address: In the subject field, enter "social solitude".