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Online earning opportunity: 

Design a Christmas greeting card

There are thousands of e-cards on the internet. You're asking for more money for your business, though I doubt it can live up to that, since there are a lot more online service providers who are cheating on their work free of charge. And most of these providers are very good, they offer great pictures of great pictures.
However, I would recommend that if you would like to earn money online, plan Christmas greeting cards. No, I'm not crazy, just looking at market needs and opportunities.
More and more people, families want to send a unique greeting card to their friends for the holidays. But this demand has been formulated by entrepreneurs, even big companies. If you have a small graphic feel, feel free to enter the shop. Announce that you are designing a unique business card for everyone. This page may include the family, the sender of the card, the business name, logos, photo of the building ...
You really need very few graphics senses because there are a lot of templates and a free online program on the Internet that helps your work. You can also send the completed plan by e-mail. The customer then sends it to whomever he wants. You can send a greeting card like no one else in the world.
How much can you ask for it? Usually 50-100 USD are asking for such work. But you add cheaper and if you are smart in advertising, you will have a lot of work.