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Help the Internet to earn income

I was celebrating sometime. At that time, I regularly released pictures. At that time I was looking very well and this small plus income was not significant. Nowadays I have a much lower income and I think, I start painting again. But as I looked at the market, I realized that at that time 3-4 people were painting in my city, 25-30 people in the same city now want to live in selling their pictures. At the same time, people buy far fewer pictures and sell images at substantially lower prices than 40-45 years ago.
In Cabarete, Sosa, there is a small shop in the streets of the street where paintings are offered to tourists. But so is it in other tourist centers. In large cities, a large number of photographers try to sell paintings. However, I would recommend that you would like to get some extra income, let painting be the hobby. It may be tomorrow's full income can give you this hobby.
Can not you paint? The truth is that painting is dripping in everyone. You just have to learn to observe your environment and practice your skillfulness. You have to learn different techniques. I do not mean to say you can be a painter-genius with a little learning. You have to be a talented person. But you can be a good painter who produces average and well-sellable pictures.
Where can you learn to paint? Especially on the Internet. A whole range of educational institutions and private schools offer painting courses. There is pay, expensive and inexpensive, but there is also a free course. And on the Internet, you find a lot of videos in which painters, or just painters, want to help them enter the mysteries of painting. Look around the internet and practice. You will not be a painter for tomorrow and your first 10-12 picture will be harmed to anyone, not to sell it. But after the practice is brought to fruition. your pictures will be getting better.
But how do you add the pictures? This is the most important issue in the whole story. I came to the right solution when one of my acquaintances showed a painting. He knew that I had been celebrating earlier, so he asked if they had something to do with him. Then I told her I was sorry, but I'm hobbing. A few months later I was with them. He was delighted to bring out a 60 X 40 centimeter painting. In the picture, he and his wife were in the posters of the family paintings typical of the 1800s, in a shadowy, darkening image, with brown and yellow colors dominated. She noticed that she only found a painter abroad, who took the picture after a photo. The image was sent online as the artwork was sent to the post after paying the price on a sales page. He gave him nearly a month's salary for the picture, but it was pride and respect that he did not mind ...
So you just paint pictures in advance, so you have to be introduced. Pictures are sold on order. You can also get a photo of the painting on the Internet. Then, prepare the painting and add it to your trusty with a sales page. You can paint a cheat image, portraiture, paint a man's house, his boat, his car, his favorite dog, his horse, his cat ...
In the paintings, the investment represents 5-8 percent of the value of the picture. Do you know better business?