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The world's most expensive watch

It's hard to say something about being the most expensive in the world because the clever Internet users can find something more expensive. It's only a matter of time. The thing I want to show is undoubtedly a boxing model: It is officially the world's most expensive watch.
This is the "Pour le Merite" clock of the "A. Lang & Söne" watch. For most people, the name of the watchmaker does not say much, but it does produce real model models. "Pour le Merite" is even the most expensive in the expensive category.
There are plenty of wristwatch models. For example, "Patek Philippe 3878J Skeleton Watch Yellow" can be purchased for up to $ 50,000. The same company Nautilusa costs 55,000 USD. IWC's specially-made watch for pilots costs only $ 5,000. But, of course, IWC offers more expensive clocks. And of course not just pilots. Then there's the Berge factory's Marin wristwatch "just" for $ 18,000. But the "Pour le Merite" type watch wristwatch "A. Lang & Söne" costs $ 500,000. No mistake: half a million.
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