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Work at home

What do you sell on the Internet?

As I have already said, the Internet can be a useful tool in those who want to start a self-employed business. Whether you want to run a small business or work from home, trade is a major new sin on the internet. It should not be forgotten that it is not possible to circumvent sales and can not achieve results without work. On the internet, it has to be as regular as it is in classical sales, but the internet can give better results in return for good work, the greater the efficiency. This is because the Internet is not a place for sale, it is not a locally-defined trading or business, but it can be anywhere in the world.
But what to sell. Most people say that digital products are the best. In some ways this is the case. The price of digital products is relatively high, their production margins are extremely low. Their delivery can be done quickly and without any costs. Adding to the internet money management systems that simplify the payment of product prices are indeed the dgital products that are most suitable for online sales. But ... There are two problems:
- The range of digital products is great. Competition is significant. It is difficult for a potential buyer to prove through the Internet that their product is different, better than competition. In addition to this, competitors often take over the overwhelming price reductions and discounts that will not only ruin your business but also most of their own. Today, almost everything is free. And if you're selling a product that is much better than the average, you can hardly keep a realistic, higher price.
- It is a human characteristic that the buyer likes to buy the purchased product. This is a plus, a pleasant feeling.
Today, there are ways, how to quit the flow of the price drop and sell the digital product at a realistic price. Likewise, there is also a method of giving a physical shape to a digital product so that the customer can take hold of it, view it, show it to others and, above all, dazzle its relatives and acquaintances with friends. Because everyone likes to buy good and useful, unique things.
As digital products have to deal with such problems, it is much easier to sell your physical products. Of course, the cost of production here is higher, you have to expect shipping costs, and the delivery of the product must be organized. But, on the Internet, there are also more and more physical products sold. When you are planning to sell a physical product on the Internet, you have to consider some aspects:
- In the case of food and chemical products, plant protection products and plants, you have to meet a number of requirements in one country. In internet sales, you also have to think that you have to comply not only with the country where the product is manufactured but also with the country where you sell the product. But you have to be careful about technical articles, cosmetics, herbal products, food supplements and many other products.
- Shipping of large and heavy goods is expensive
- Bringing fragile products can be boby and dangerous
- Each country may have different customs requirements that make it difficult to sell your product and you need to know it. For example, Russia could only send a 0.5-kg packet to Russia without a customs duty, but Serbia could only sell products under 100 Euros duty-free, and in Germany there are countries where the products are subject to a separate customs duty.
However, if you want to sell a physical product, you can get good results on the Internet. Just keep in mind that not cheap products will bring you the real success.