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You have nothing to do with anything but want to earn money online?

Create a virtual club

The human is a social being. Nothing will be stronger than the need to belong to someone somewhere. They want to belong to the community and they want to acknowledge the community. And the greater the loneliness, the greater the need. Nowadays, modern communication tools not only help to shape the social power, but strengthen it even more than it is.
Of course, the solution would not be to throw out our televisions, we'll turn off the computer, notepad and tablet, and throw away our phones. In addition, we use these tools to eliminate social solitude. Help people find the right communities for them.
You have nothing to do with talent, but do you want to earn money online? Is there no money to start a business, buy a machine, build a workplace? Do you want to determine your free time and your time?
Create a virtual club. How to deal with the club? It depends on what the hobby is. I can give you some ideas, but if you think about it, you'll find plenty of ideas for yourself. Then you just have to choose the right one. It is important to have a cohesive force, people are serious about the theme of the club. And it's also important to have a lot of interest. So what kind of virtual club can you make?
- Collection of International Food Recipes Clubs
- A fan of vegetarian food
- The parents' club of hard-to-learn children
- The club of people from Europe
- Embroidered Women's Club
- Woodcarving Club
- The band of Beatles fans
- The Chicago Bulls fan club
- The Florida Motorists Club
- The American Club for Foreigners
- The University of Boston's students had a club
- The Bloom Club
- A family of many children
- The Dodge Owners Club
- Parents club called "Get A Genius Child"
- ...

If you have defined the club you are designing, work out the essentials in a booklet: The Club's Principles, Work Methods and Tasks ... The membership fee that gives you your first earnings can be very small, medium, or many. A little can be 10 to 20 dollars a year. What most people are really interested in is 50-60 USD, but there are also clubs with annual membership fees of hundreds or thousands of dollars. Of course, if you want such an elite club, you have to be in this elite.
He then begins to advertise the club. Do not give a free entry to anybody, because after that you can expect everyone right. But the one who brings several new members may be your helper, or you can get some honorary membership denomination, task. If you are very successful, the members will start arriving after 1-2 months. The actual success is expected to be half a year ahead.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me ( Enter the subject field: virtual club) If you think, you can send me the plan for the club's operation. If I find it interesting, I'll be in and then I can help the club directly. But if that does not happen, I'll definitely help the club promote it.