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Sandra, 42: My parents got to know me at the university. They came from other countries. They went to the US after the university. The family lived here, our children are grown up. Then my brothers and sisters also moved far from work. But we can not hear each other, we'll call you by phone. As I grow older I get the desire to go to her primacy more often, I give respect to a bouquet of flowers. Especially in those days, in the days of remembrance, I would like to visit all of them: grandmothers, grandmothers, uncles, deceased cousins. But how could I have a sixth place?
Paul, 32: My wife and daughter died in a terrible car disaster six years ago. I could not live in that city anymore. I tried to move farther away. Now I have a new family. My wife also lost her husband earlier on the East Coast in a small town. In these days, we usually visit everybody's grave. But there is not such a long time for such a mileage trip to be enough ...
Donna: We finished the school 25 years ago. Unfortunately, 11 of us have already died. I'm sad, because it was a very coherent class, we were very good friends. Nowadays 2-3 times a year we get together for seven, girls who live in the classroom in the country. In this case, we talk a lot about the deceased and the six boys and two girls who are far away from here and can not attend our joint meetings. We want to commemorate the deceased. Together. How can this be done? Is not there a way?
Lisa: I was raising my children alone. My husband and two brothers died in the Gulf War. I later moved to San Diego for my job. The army commemorated them. Somewhere far away. Her mother's grave is in New York. In the days of remembrance I have to travel so far and I'm getting more and more difficult to travel. I want my memories and later in the hearts of their families to become obscure. But if the memories are so far out of my way to do it: