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Earn Money on the Internet

Determine what you want to sell on the Internet

The internet economy has two major pull sectors:
The first is sales. In addition to the traditionally-sold physical products, it is more important to sell services and digital products. This can be of interest to you for two reasons: When choosing a product, always keep in mind what the proportion of the unit cost of invested money for a particular product and the price of the products are for. For wood processing, the product's production price is 70-80 percent of the total price. This is a very rotten rate. This is between 30% and 80% of the metal surface. The rotten news is that the lower value is achieved by the unique products and the large-scale products. For example, a unique product may be a piece of copper engraving. Much of everything can be produced from a large series. If you choose this kind of product, be sure to strive to produce or sell a product that does not need to produce different sizes, colors and virtually all people. The paper clip, spoon, knife, tray is definitely better than the shoulder strap of the shoulder. And of course, it's also a good idea to get a better sell out of the more expensive product if you sell less.
For the leather and textile pairs, the mentioned cost-price ratio is 50-80 percent. The more expensive and unique products, such as fashion items, souvenirs, and products containing few materials such as swimsuits and lingerie, are better off.
Costs for services are very low in the final price. Generally speaking, we talk about 10 to 20 percent, but they are almost never up to 50 percent. If you are thinking of selling a service, two groups must be distinguished. For the first, traditional, only service is sold on the Internet, while the service is done directly. Such as cleaning, cleaning, furniture, housing, car repair. This is just a problem that your market has given physical reality. If you are a small town, it would be a small market for you to try.
For your online or online services, your market is the whole world. Such services include translation, proofreading, graphic editing, education, article writing, and almost everything else that can be combined with creative activity. At this point, it is very favorable that your market is huge and it is very unfavorable that your competition is huge. But if you really like this, or you are very good at something, or you may be niche, you can be successful. Think about how effective you are to teach German for those Americans who are German-born but no longer speak this language, but I would like to learn how to honor the ancestors. When the United States ruled the state language, 52 percent of the population were of German origin and only 1 vote received more English than German. For such online services, production costs do not reach 10 percent. It is also important that you do not have to buy anything from almost anyone, you can start working yourself or even with no money.
And finally, we look at the most frequently mentioned digital products. This is the problem that most people want to sell such a product. The cost and price ratio is very favorable. Most often, it does not reach 10 percent. It's also important that you do not need anything else, you can sell the products yourself. Taking all this into account, it is worthwhile dealing with it despite the huge competition. The only problem is that buyers are more attached to physical products, so the digital product should be somehow a physical product. Let's say your emails are not sent by e-mail, but on a CD or pen-driven. With this, you can make almost every digital product physically, so demand can be bigger for you.