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How long can I use body shaping exercises?

Lisa. 20: About a year ago, I began to shape shaping practice. My problem was that my legs were thin and very straight, and my butt was a bit bigger. There was a lot of gaps in it. He advised me to stand, sit, or lie down from time to time for my feet and my buttocks. At first, I took the muscles to feel tense. Most of the time, lying down I do the job. When I watch the TV, before sleep or after awakening. Generally I do 10-15 exercises one after the other, but I do not count the juice. I'm very pleased with the result. Progress started slowly, but then I got better and better. How long can I practice? One year is not much?
Answer: Personal body shaping practices are such that you can do all of them without any special equipment, even during work or during rest. You can do exercises throughout your life. You only need to know that if you want to achieve good results, you should do the exercises regularly 2-3 times a day.
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