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Am I Internet-dependent?

Paul, 27: I spend 4-5 hours a day online. I usually read the Internet edition of my favorite newspapers (I do not buy newspapers). Sometimes I watch a movie or play. I usually look at my letters and reply to the letters they receive. Besides this, I read business and marketing related articles, I'm looking for business ideas (so I found this site too). Since my mother tongue is English and I have something to learn, I do a lesson every day on a free English language teaching website. Am i addicted to the internet?
Answer: Contingency is not determined by the amount of time you use the item. He's been drinking for fifty years and not an alcoholic. He had been drinking a brand for another half a year and since then he has been an alcoholic. Your relationship with the given thing is decisive. Millions of people are taking 2-3 painkillers per day in certain periods and are not addicted to drugs.
An addiction to the intern is that you can not do without the internet. You need the Internet and you are not on the net to make important and useful things for you. If you are approaching this state, it is the reason you are lonely. They may be friends, acquaintances, family, but you may still have social solitude. Put it in time. Get yourself a hobby, business. Something you like. This may be related to the Internet.