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Be a meat baker master

Be a meat baker master

Anyone who claims that roast meat is easy to bake and everyone knows the uncooked meat on a grate. You need to know which meat is to be baked and how long to fry, but do not dry out ...
So you have to know a lot, you need to practice it. That 3-4 times a year in the garden I send friends and bake some meat, not enough to get good skills.
Besides, it is also confusing that while the rest of the family and acquaintances played, talked, had fun, I was staring at the fire, made sure that I always burned and burned the meat. A few years ago I was thinking of asking one of my acquaintances to come and bake her meat. Funny he said it was okay, but two dozen bucks and $ 50. I seriously say, "All right." So, it was a fabulous garden party.
A few weeks later, I met a cookie with my acquaintance on another reception. There he also drank the meat for 50 USD and two lunches. Then we met more and more times. Everyone was invited. True, it was more expensive to organize the garden party, but we had a fabulous time and the food always eased the guests. Later on, we could resign from salad making. His wife was fabulous in almost a few minutes or made 10 different kinds of vegetables for meat. They did not have to take care of shopping, because they did. They are usually invoiced ...
My friend has long been a hobby of fever. He was fantastic to him. She said she likes to do this best in life. This is when the hobby will be your job.