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You are lonely? Earn Money on the Internet

One of the best remedies for loneliness and depression is to make yourself active. Do something you do. One of the best things about this is blogging. Everyone is doing something you can tell people. Everyone has a kind of opinion you want to say.
In blogging, two questions need to be kept in mind. One is what you write about a blog. It is best to choose a theme you love to deal with. During your life, you have already chosen a topic that you do not like to deal with. Just think about school. Why would you bother with a subject I do not care?
The other is to look for a theme that people like to read about. If you choose a theme that nobody is interested in, you will not be very read.
At the beginning of my writing, I said that money can be earned. This is true. How?
The fastest-growing economic activity on the Internet is advertising. This is a huge and growing cake. If you write a blog, you can break some of this cake. For example, there is a system where you get blogging for free, and even the blog organizer even assumes that if your readership is large enough, you provide an advertiser to your site by lowering your income. This is the Google blogger or blogspot system. Ennerk also has the added benefit of being able to work in countless languages, countless languages. You can even link translators to your site. Free.
There are some systems that offer it to provide advertisers with blog owners. They usually give up 50 to 10 percent of their income for the benefit of the blogger. This can also provide you a fairly good income if you have a large enough number of visitors to your blog. You can easily find such an organizer company on the Internet.
And ultimately the best: If your blog is large enough, you can visit smaller or larger companies with your offer. How much can you apply for this ad? A continuous banner or advertising text can be rolled out every day, 30 to 100 USD per month. It is much better if you offer that you are writing an advertisement text, a report, an evaluation of the company. This is a neutral writing, which is not advertising. Yet, advertising performance is much better than the effectiveness of classic advertising. For such writings, you can apply for 100 to 500 USD on the basis of your success. You can not post too many such writings. But monthly 1-10 writing is no problem and you can easily fit on your blog. Of course, you have to be careful about writing the subject of the blog.
And finally, the most beautiful: If a lot of people are reading your blog, marketing specialists from major companies will also be present to advertise you.
You are lonely? Write a blog. You will not be millionaire tomorrow, but if you are persistent, willing to study and work, you will be able to earn a very nice income for 1-2 years.
And more: If bloggers join together, they can shorten this time and increase the impact of the result. If you're interested, know that I'm looking for a partner for such a campaign where you do not have to invest money, only your job can bring income. If you're interested in the opportunity, sign up. My address is In the subject field, enter "blogging".