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Blue Card

Now I know I should not have

Mira 55: I liked a colleague. She worked in the company less than I did and I was older. I'm a pretty woman to my age, I thought I liked it. I'm used to asking everything openly, I'll tell you. I live alone, but I can not complain, my life is beautiful. Adventure is enough. And I think this is mainly due to the already mentioned lust. Well, I did not pay much, I invited myself to a coffee with my colleague. When we were alone, I told her what I wanted. He said he would think. I did not really understand because he had lived alone for a long time. Within a few days everyone in my company was talking about my question. People banged behind me, men smirking like a fiery lightweight woman. So you should not have.
Answer: Society is like there are things that, according to the social view, women can not say, can not ask, can not ask. You too ran into this conception. You can not replace it now, you have to wear the rumors, bad comments. It would have been better if you used Blue Card. The Blue Card system is designed to help a woman ask a certain person for a while to avoid exposing herself. You can uncover his anonymity later when he thinks he has an answer and it's time to act on the man's response. The annual membership fee of the system is only 120 USD. Therefore, in the course of a year, you can ask many things for a lot of men. For more information, please write: In the Subject box, enter "Blue Card".