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Clear vision without contact lenses and glasses

Do I ever train my eye muscles every day?

Sharon, 32: I work on my computer at my workplace. I'm sitting at home next to the house. I read the received emails and answer them. Then I spend a couple of hours regularly on Facebook, Empowr. Linkedin and some other systems where I'm looking for interesting articles. Many people write here. Of course I'll answer them too. I watch TV a lot a day. I watch only those programs that I choose in advance: sequential films, playful quiz programs. But that's two or three hours a day. And there's the phone. No wonder my vision deteriorated a lot. I've read the eye on the exercise. I've been using it for a month and a lot has improved. How many times a day should I keep my eyes open?
Answer: The ears of the eye are divided into two groups. In addition to this, there is a series of exercises to assist the eye's blood supply. These should be done three times a day. And you also need to take the eye and your eyes to work. Eyeglasses and contact lenses help clear vision, but make a big contribution to eyeballing and eyeballs. This will lead to further deterioration of vision. For more information, write: ("Clear vision without contact lenses and glasses")