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Dancing for the beautiful body

Which dance will help you to have a beautiful leg?

Maria 22: I read that dance helps me to have a more beautiful shape. Especially the shape of the legs can be improved with it. But which dance do I choose? Which dance will help me better than my feet?
Answer: Certainly, dance helps you have a better shape. Especially contributes to the shape of the legs. Better than running. So do not be sorry for the time you spend with a dance filled party.
If you look at which dance helps, I have to say that each one. The best of the national dances. It does not matter how many of the dancers in the world you are watching are very good exercise. It is exactly the muscles that move and what is needed and which are not really strengthened by the gym. I've heard that, for example, Irish dances danced with rigid upper body do not strengthen the muscles of the upper body. That's a mistake. Try dancing an hour by pulling the upper body straight and keeping your legs moving fast and stepping. You will see how much the upper body muscles need to be able to resolve this immobility.
So you dance to any folk support you do well. These dances also strengthen the leg and provide flexibility to the muscles. This flexibility must be to the feminine legs of a beautiful bow. That is why the actions of men and women in a folk dance of many peoples are a bit different. A little, but just enough.
As for modern dances, take a look at the dancing shoes and you can see the nature of the dance. If you see a low-heeled, stable foot shoe, you know that dance increases the strength of the leg muscles. Such are rock and roll and other contemporary dances.
If you see women wearing gentle, high heels, you need to know that the dance increases the flexibility of the muscles and gives a more beautiful shape to the feet. Such a tango, circulating ...
You know what you need. Choose to dance. But I think it's best to mix the dances. You are going to a youthful party where you have to shake your body in a rush of rhythm, and you will go to balls where graceful, slim steps and elegance are important.
The view is that a person's shape depends only on the genes. Certainly, genes determine a lot. But if the individual cares about and works on the shape of his body, he can achieve a lot, he can really have a nice shape. If not, how could a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girl like a beautiful, muscular body come from? Rather, they do not neglect the formatting of their bodies because they have seen this and they have been taught from their parents.
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