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Diet and water

Water for consumption is medicine

Fat people have two things to do. One of them is inadequate nutrition. The other is that they put less fluid into their body than they should.
However, the consumption of water would not only help to get rid of the slag from the body. Detoxifies and creates proper operating conditions. In addition to this, water consumption reduces the volume of the stomach you can feed. This contributes to the success of diet.
When to drink water and how much? It is common to say that we should have an average of 2 liters of water per day. This is really the case for people around 60 kilograms. If someone is harder, he needs to drink more water. For a person of 90 kilograms, 3 liters of water per day would be needed.
It is wrong to calculate that we have added 2 liters of water or more water to our body with daily meals, soups and salads. When determining the required amount of water, the liquid in the food container is not counted. Your body needs digestion.
The value of water in the drink, beer, fruit juices, wine is also lower than pure water. But this quantity is already added to the water consumed.
When do we drink water? Not by campaign. And do not drink lots of water at the same time: say half a liter or more. It's not a good idea if a person who has been drinking too little water now tries to set the right water consumption overnight. This is how our body needs to be phased out as well as the right nutrition.
When do we drink water? Introduce habits:
- After the upturn, let us drink 2 to 4 drops of water. On an empty stomach.
- Drink 2 drops of water before each meal.
- Drink a few sips of water 2-3 times a day.
- After each meal, drink 2 drops of water.
Since water is constantly leaving the body, it is a good idea to keep the water in our body continuously during the day. It is also important to know that the body of a slimming person needs more water. The organization uses the reserves, which means the appearance of slots that needs to be removed from the organization.
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