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Dieting or body shaping?

I want to be nice

Laura, 17: The boys say I have a pretty face. But my shape is not good. My breasts are small, my butt flat, my legs straight. I was thinking of getting older and going to a series of plastic surgery to have a very nice shape. Can I do something to improve my situation?
Answer: Plastic surgery is not always the best thing to do. It is a fact that you can get results quickly and easily, yes if you do not work after your surgery to keep your shape, you will quickly lose the result. There will be no implanted silicone pillows if you do not keep your chin, your butt.
I recommend before you go to a plastic surgeon, try to improve your shape with the gym. One of the best body shaping exercises is swimming. If you do not like to swim or you can not, look for another solution.
You do not have to be a tournament winner to be a very nice figure. There are simple exercises that can help. There are some exercises you can do during the classroom without anybody noticing that you are training.
If you want nice legs, you need to know that there is an old game that can help you a lot. You know it too. This jumping rope. You only play 15-20 minutes a day and after 2-3 months you will see the result. In a critical situation, I would recommend a 60-70 minute game. Measure the situation and determine how much you need it.
For every person, the best body shaping exercise is personal body shaping workout. Not cheap, but effective. You can achieve results easily and relatively quickly. Especially if you do not want to go to a gym, you should buy expensive "miracles". When making the program, I take into account your shape, your age and your possibilities. Of course the program is not a bulk. I work personally for you. The price is 50 USD. For more information, please contact: In the subject field, enter "Personal Body Shaping Program".