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Distance learning against loneliness

Become a distance instructor

Angela, 62: Actually, I'm looking for two important questions. One is that I'm very lonely. But really. A few years ago I died. Our kids have never been. I had a brother away from me, living in Europe. My husband had no brother. Our husbands have long since died. In the street all the diligent young couple live. Early in the morning it is time to work and late afternoon when they are busy. There is hardly any time for each other, let alone an old neighbourhood lady with me. Please do not tell me to walk in clubs because I've been trying. It's my tapas that everyone in the clubs gets a little different. He wants to get better and better. I do not have time, nor do I want to listen to these unreal tales. Instead of laser works. I like to go hand in hand, but I feel very alone.
My other problem is that I need a little more money than my pension. If I say I have $ 100 to $ 100 a week, I could do whatever I want, I could buy everything she likes ...
Answer: Loneliness is the most psyche of the human psyche. Unfortunately, most people do not deal with it seriously enough. In some countries, they try to resolve this issue in an organized manner.. Unfortunately, most people do not deal with it seriously enough. In some countries, they try to resolve this issue in an organized manner. They organize trips for retirees, clubs and performances against the loneliness of the older generation. I can not say that these organizations did not achieve their goal, but unfortunately far behind the results they expected. Most lonely elderly people have the hobby, the things they like to do. They do not want to get rid of this medium, but to keep what they like, but also to get rid of the feeling of being alone. For this, all the elderly people who feel alone should do something about themselves. After all, he feels exactly what he wants. And most of the big man's discomfort is best that he does not feel quite important.
Change this. Start teaching. Of course I know they are no longer in school. Especially if you do not have a pedagogical qualification. But it has given me the opportunity to distance learning.
With the development of the Internet, distance education is one of the fastest growing professions. The Sjype or a woman has a similar program to help you get started. What do you learn? If you have a pedagogical qualification or some kind of craftsmanship, you have already answered this question. Do you know how many young people are in need of correction? Especially maths are a problem, but many of them need help from chemistry, biology, physics or English. They are not asked to repeat the definitions and formulas as most of the teachers do because they have already done it at school. Rather, it simply tells them how these formulas should be applied to one example solution. The internet distance teacher is very good at re-training: You do not have to go to the uncle teacher or auntie. You do not have to bet at home. You can keep in touch quickly and easily online.
But you can teach handicrafts or craftsmanship that will allow the students to start earning activity. Whether wood carving, lace making, crocheting, knitting, weaving, book binding, gift box making, leather or textile jewelery making ...
The most popular online language teaching. Of course, do not think about how and who you teach English, because almost everyone knows English. In addition, there are plenty of English teachers. But have you ever wondered that more than half of people in the US are of German origin. There are a lot of Italians, Hungarians, Poles, Russians, Serbs, or Croats, so I do not even mention other nations. The third, fourth, etc. generations have almost no idea of ​​the language of their ancestors. However, many people want to speak at least basic knowledge of the language and to learn about culture. If you know any non-English language, advertise and educate. You will not be alone and have money.
How much can this be earned? Take the average teacher's monthly salary. Divide by 200 and round up. You already got one hour's price. This will probably be 50-60 USD. With online language teaching, if you only have 5-10 students per week, you can easily find the $ 100-200 that you miss for now. Besides this you will have a constant occupation and you will not feel alone. You will be important to some people's lives. And this is the best weapon against loneliness, primarily social solitude.
If you have any other help in the job, please write to my address: