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Distance learning

What do I teach?

Laura, 35: I have enough free time now. I work in a workplace that I hate. If I did not have the money, I'd have left it long ago. I read that you can earn money with distance education. I'm not a teacher. I like to go hand in hand and try some old crafts. What could I teach?
Answer: The development of distance learning is linked to the beginning of the 1900s and to the posting of a small American village who started mailing training to increase mail traffic and not break the workplace. The point is, every Olan bought an old book describing how to make a craft. According to the urban legend, it was also a matter of learning to master a craftsman. He first learned the profession and then taught others.
As far as the history of distance learning is concerned, in 1840, in Great Britain, Isaac Pitman had taught a pseudo-pass. Pitman's name is most often linked to the beginning of correspondent education. In 1939, in America, they were educated on handhelds and homeowners by telephone. In the second half of the 1960's, radio broadcasts in France joined the university-level correspondence education, and in the 1960s and 1970s, television became part of the distance learning tools. In the 1980s and 1990s, the spread of computers in households extended the range of distance learning tools.
Today is no longer the question of whether distance education works. It works and students can be found. The question is what you can teach. You even listed some options. I would now extend the line. Someone may find something to suit him.
- Crocheting and lace making with other methods
- Cracking, rogue
- Manufacture of leather and textile articles
- Making shaping, copper making
- Painting with different techniques
- Production of sculpture and sculpture
- Wood carving, bone carving
- Cooking for novice housewives
- Making vegetarian dishes
- Making dietetic foods for celiac disease
- Making dietetic foods for patients
- Master: Bicycle Repair
- Handler in bathroom and kitchen (repairing taps, etc ...)
- Novel writing
- Marketing knowledge
- Website creation
- Organization of advertising campaigns
- Relationships, relationships, conquering men, conquering women
- Dance education
- Training successful MLM working methods
- Repair of furniture
- Anger education
- Cat breeding
- How to treat small animals
- Arrange a Flower Garden
- Build a rock garden
- Baby care
- Child rearing
- Grow genius ...

Choose any topic, or even combine a theme that is right for you. Or better if you find something that is right for you and you start to realize your plan. There are countless possibilities, the list serves only for ideas. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me: