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Carolin, 22: I'm just a little bit fater than I should. But it would be nice to lose 3-5 kilograms. I've been trying to lose weight, but after the end of the slimming program, the kilograms have come back quickly. One of my friends once told me that there are some tiny tricks that we can do quickly and successfully. I would like to read about these.
Answer: Diet is so complicated that it is very simple. It's like physics. Think about it, you have a pot in which the water flows from one tap, and you keep boiling the water. If you want to have less water in the bowl, you can do two things: either lowering the water entering the bowl or expanding the water faster.
The curiosity in this process is that the human body has a mechanism that regulates eating it generates hunger. If we eat after this, we will feel comfortable. This is also managed by the organization. But this mechanism is often not driven by the actual need of the organization, but by our habits.
In the morning, when do you get up and drink coffee? How many sugars do you drink the tea? If you smell what you drink? Do you drink energy drink? Do you like cakes? Do you like sweet or dry wine better?
Buta questions? Not at all. If you add the calorific value of sugar in your coffee, soft drinks, cabbage, you get at least one complete meal calorific value. Energy drinks are a real calorie bomb. If you want to lose weight, forget the morning coffee and tea, artificial tea, cocoa and hot chocolate. Leave the soft drinks, the beer, the sweet wines, avoid the concentrated alcoholic drinks, cakes, and energy drinks. When you want mineral water, remember that in the flavored mineral water you can have up to 100 times (hundreds of times!) As much calories as in pure water. If you only do that, you will lose weight.
Believe me, it's not hard at all. Only our habits need to be changed. Let's say instead of the morning coffee, drink a large glass of water and have a delicious raw salad bowl of breakfast. Or if you need to work your brain better, place a five minute neck and head clock instead of coffee and energy, move your body a bit. Whether sitting there, sitting there. That's it. You do not need coffee, tea, too sweet cakes, energy drinks. Their consumption is based on habits.
And if you manage to keep it all and lose weight, you'll have to spend the money saved from the drinks and food. But not a piece of cake! Rather like a new blouse or a shoe. You will be surprised how much you can save from the price of all these.
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