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Earn weapons by selling finished products  Summaries

When it comes to sales, the simplest thing is to sell the finished product of others. However, this also means that you will have a lot of competition. The best recipe is that you are looking for products in a remote country that many people need in your home or at least feel that they need it, but that's yours in your environment the product is not available. Then, procure the product and buy and ship it in the order of incoming orders. Look for more expensive, small, even post-paid products that are easy and inexpensive. Wherever you go abroad, always go with your eyes open. Who knows when you come across such a product?
If your product is good, soon others will also be offered to buyers. It may be for less than you. But do not let it drag you into a price-reducing rock. This can only be because all vendors reduce the price, which reduces their profits. In the end, they are so low in prices that they will be unprofitable. Instead of switching to price reduction competition, switch products.
If you make your product unique, you can exclude potential competitors who want to imitate you and so wish to be successful on the market. Or at least you can noticeably reduce the number of your competitors. You can make a product unique in many ways. As I have already written, the simplest way is to grab the name of a buyer into metal objects. This can be a ballpoint pen, metal part of a bag. the back of mobile phones. Similarly, you can make skin objects unique with a small press. Put the name of the buyer or some coat of arms in a short section of the trouser belt, in a briefcase, in a woman's handbag, in a suitcase, in a notebook cover or in a leather jacket, jacket or a piece of women's suits.
Textile objects can be made unique by painting. For this, you have to use a screen printing machine or other technique, or you may use one of the ancient textile dyeing methods.
With painting you can do almost anything unique. Glass objects, mugs, wooden items. Always use the right paint and proper technique.
Actually, by releasing the job you are printing, engraving, textiles, you can apply for a whole range of unique products on the market without having to buy your own machine and equipment. Of course, other things, if you have such equipment and you can work on it. At that time, because of higher earnings and more elasticity, it is usually always better to work on your own or to employ workers.