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Everyone can be affected - if they recognize it easy to handle

How much is social solitude endangering you?

Social solitude is the case when signs of loneliness appear to people who should not otherwise be lonely. The problem is that social solitude can create psychological difficulties and depression as well as loneliness in living alone and isolated from society. However, because they do not think that the cause of the problem is the feeling of loneliness, the healing process begins later and therefore the chances of healing are smaller, the result is weaker.
The healing here, of course, is primarily about improving mood-improving medication, counseling and psychological methods, such as conversation therapy. It is a fact that for the sake of his own healing, the most concerned is the person concerned, so it would be important to recognize it in an important time. I wrote intentionally and not as a patient because if we are writing about illness in solitude and social solitude, a significant part of the world's population is sick. Even if it was harmful, its destructive effect could have caused illness.
What are the behavioral signs from which we can think of social solitude? From the point of view of recognition, two groups of signs can be reported. Signals in the first group are for family, relatives and acquaintances. They can notice and signal them. The other group may be observed by the person concerned.

Signals in the first group
You must pay attention to your relatives when you encounter the following signs:
- The sudden changes
- Ignorance, nothing interested in anything
- Continuous eating
- Addiction, addiction
- A sudden and repeated change in a mood in just one day, without any obvious reason
- Sleep disturbance

The second group of signals
The respondent must react promptly if he or she experiences these signs in private because, in the case of a positive reaction, the negative effect of social solitude disappears almost completely.
- Fearful feeling - the person concerned is often felt by everyone or by people, institutions, attacks, hostility
- Often, he may recall his past event several times a day and think about what he should have done otherwise
- Finds job opportunities for yourself. He does things he does not need, he can do it at other times or else, it is the job of another person, or it can be easier to solve the problem, or it is completely unnecessary. And they attach great importance to these works
"Often when you can spend your time with your family, you can even go to your own world and work alone, read, play, or play alone games.
"When you are in a company, you often fall into your thoughts, and your thoughts go astray.
- He feels he has many and unresolved problems.
- Sleep disturbance
- Boredom

Once you have recognized the signs of social solitude and you belong to the group concerned, you can easily improve your situation yourself. It is therefore important to know ourselves and to recognize the signs. It is therefore important to pay attention to each other and to help people close to us.