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Sandra 17: I had a question As I described, my posture is very bad. I asked for some kind of tournament for this. He replied that I should pull myself out. I've heard this before, but it does not help. I still have my shape. I was thinking of some serious tournament.
Answer: And I have suggested a very serious tournament. The trouble so far was that when you said you were pulling yourself out, you did it, but in the next minute you were released again and your old, incorrect posture. Bad posture is due to the fact that the right back, muscle and abdominal muscles are not strong enough. If these muscles become stronger, your posture will be better. What I propose is a very serious and quite difficult exercise for this. Try it: Pull yourself out and stay it until you count 20. Then release your muscles and relax until you count 10. Repeat the exercise 25 times. You should practice 3 times a day (morning after uprising, day and night before bed). You will see that not enough muscles will get stingy, indicating that you have worked and strengthened them. Your posture will be improved relatively quickly.
I could have told the practice of the old Egyptians: Stand upright, hold your head properly. Put a book on your head. Then walk, work, write, or have your computer run three times a day three times a day so that the book does not fall off your head. But if you do not have at least 3 hours a day, you should: Pull yourself out!
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