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Fashion and beauty

Nice female legs

Nicol, 17: I'm Sandra's girlfriend. I also want to ask about a body shaping practice. I wish I had nice legs. What to do?
Answer: Getting a woman's beauty is not easy. Many people turn to a plastic surgeon. It's like a diamond-like glass. By far, but the owner knows it is not natural. There is no beauty in the natural beauty.
Women's beauty is not given for free. You have to work for it.
If you want beautiful legs, do not wear a pair of tights. I know that today most teenage girls wear it. In fact, even today among women aged 25-60, this wear is becoming increasingly popular. But look around you: The women behind whom boys, men turn around in the street, wear high-heeled shoes. If you do not usually walk in high heels, you will initially choose a six to eight centimeter high heels. The heel should not be too small because it is insecure in your wake. Then, as you purchase new shoes, increase the height of the heel and lower the surface. Go right up to the corner of 12 to 15 centimeters and the needle corner.
High-heeled shoes already give a nice bow to your feet. Besides that, you work the muscles. Without having a separate gym, your legs will become more beautiful. Similar to the corner surface. The smaller the shoe's heel, the better the heel. If you've learned to wear high heel shoes, wearing the most elegant pinball shoes will not matter.
You need to know that the too high corner is no longer beautiful. The heel height of the shoe should always be proportional to your body height. The data I've given corresponds to a 160 to 170 centimeter tall woman.
The other thing is, if you're too fat, do not want to go ponytail or high-heeled shoes. Get down early.
There are countless exercises to shape the legs and shape the whole body. Which of you best suits depends on your height, weight, age, your job type, your habits. Depends on the width of the shoulder, breast augmentation, waist circumference, hip abyss, the circumference of the wrist wrist, the circumference of your thigh, the perimeter of the ankle ...
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