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Fat man and woman

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Except for the underdeveloped states, every person's problem in the world is winter's obesity. It is about starting with the accumulation of reserves. This is characteristic of all creatures on Earth. The problem is that the biological weight cycle also affects those people who are already fatigued. They will also pick up a few pounds in that case. There is another problem in the spring: there is no way to lose as many pounds as the one with the winter obesity.
you should therefore pay attention to the development of body weight and adequate nutrition to protect the body from accumulating surplus reserves.
Practically, only three things should be taken care of:
- Most importantly, at least half of the food consumed should be cooked. It is better to consume the bulk of this bulkhead raw, but if it is cooked on our plate, it is no problem either. Ebbewn is particularly recommended during the period of consumption of pumpkin and beetroot, as they contain many vitamins and minerals. Besides, because there is less water in them than in the image divider or cucumber, they are more nutritious. Later, we will be hungry.
- In the winter period, the body seems to lose less moisture, so people do not want so much water, liquid as in hot summer days. It is important, however, that at this time it is enough to consume 2-3 liters of liquid every day. Water is important for washing contaminants and slags. But it is also essential to adjust blood density and thus contributes to correct blood pressure.
- Let's move on. By the time of cold weather, man's desire for movement decreases. But this is also important for movement. Not only because of energy consumption, but also because of the functioning of the body. But for the right weight you should remember something: All the calories we do not use with motion are deposited in the form of fat and lead to obesity in the body.