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Andrea, 44: Help, I'm fat! And I can not lose weight. Unfortunately, I know the cause. If I'm nervous or sorry, I always eat. Lot. Cake, cakes, chocolate ... I guess it's been so common now that I can not get rid of it. How do I lose weight then?
Answer: You need to find a different habit. Eating you is a way of creating joy and balance. You can also create a habit of being sorry or nervous, walking or writing, or in a mental cinema. Or you're doing something else. Everything is based on habits. You can replace an old custom with a new one if you do it properly for 90-150 days. In addition, this principle is based on the Personal Slimming Program, which has the advantage of taking the fullest possible account of the habits of people who lose weight. Your personal dieting program costs $ 50. For more information about this, visit: . In the Subject box, enter "Personal Slimming Program".