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Bottled garden

Flower garden in the bottle

Carolin, 55: In a friend's home I saw a bottle that was closed, but beautiful flowers were opened in it. She told her that in a small flower garden in her window on the seventh floor, the flowers had been open for years, without the need to replace the land with her, she would have to have watered or had to get it. She was given it as a gift. I would have liked to buy such a bottle of floral garden, but I did not find it anywhere. I think I might be able to do that and sell it as a gift.
Answer: Making a closed garden is much simpler than people think. The important thing is to use a properly treated medium that was pretreated so that the seed of the weed was not in any way involved. Such land can be bought at bigger florists in horticultural shops or better.
Another important thing is flower seeds. Check out on the internet what kind of flowers it is worth to educate in a closed flower garden. You can also order seeds on the internet. But here you can read the 8-10 pages of material you need to know how to make beautiful little flower gardens.
The third thing you'll need is a bottle. It's good if you're using a bit more white, fully transparent, 1-3 liter bottle. To get you started, you might also find some proper empty bottles in your home. Later, look for neighbors and friends with such bottles. Believe me, many will even be grateful to take away the unnecessary bottles that have accumulated in the apartment and will only occupy the place.
Wash the glass, dry it, mix it in a good proportion and stir in the soil. Shuffle the seeds. With a small stick you can straighten everything, push the ground slightly to get the right hardness. Root and then set the moisture content of the bottle air within a few days. Then close the bottle. Even waxes can put a shapely small seal on the top of the plug. Wait until your window explodes in the sun and you can sell it.
How much can you sell? You depend on what pricing you use. If you have a better marketing experience, you can afford to sell it more expensive. I would sell 50-100 USD. If we take into consideration that making a garden of such a bottle is not even worth a dollar, it is a good income. There is not much work with him. And you can work on the twentieth floor in your apartment. How many bottles you make at the same time depends on you, and how many bright, sunny windows are in your home.