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Free Blue Card Information

I want to ask him, even though it's not nice of a woman!

Lisa 41: I work in a office where more than twenty women work. She has only six men, but they are handsome, unattended and well dressed. They are very careful about us, women. I can not regret, and they are particularly careful about me. Normally, we women talk about the opposite sex. We talk about who the man looks like, whether he is handsome on the beach, what if he ... And so on. I live alone and build my career. The years are passing. I do not have time, I have to ask a man who I like, whether he just wants to talk a little, eat or eat something or something more. I know this is awkward when a woman poses such a question. Maybe he'll reject me, maybe he'll talk about it to others, and I'm going to get messy. What do I do?
Answer: There is a Blue Card system. The system is designed so that women can ask men about everything. And so, to stay anonymous. They can only find out after the answer, if their response is to be answered. At Blue Card, a woman decides what to do, whether they want to go further or not.
The system is easy to use, though essentially due to obstruction of privacy and data protection is quite complicated. Only a few people have an overview of the entire system, and they do not even know the data, which is important to the clients, the women.
If you want to ask the chosen man, so you do not discover yourself, you avoid becoming social or silent, use this phrase.
If you want to learn more about the system, write to: In the Subject field, enter "Free Blue Card Information".