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Good nickname for you

How do you choose a nickname for yourself?

In the internet world, you are forced to choose a username or nickname many times. In the real world, you've got your nickname from your friends or parents and you have lived your life. In the virtual world you have the opportunity to answer yourself as a nickname. Even more. But that is also responsibility. It is important that you choose a nickname that matches your goals.
It is also important not to mix your nicknames and to know where you are used.
Therefore, I recommend that you use up to 3-4 nicknames in addition to your own name. They must be designed to this end. It's often important for people to like your name. Sometimes it is important for your name to say something. Or a message to people, for example, that nature lovers are important. Sometimes you have to tell me about you. Let's say Real Madrid you fancy being New York, or how you like dancing.
Also, it's important to know that on an economic side, on a page that has cash flow, it's best to give your own name. As it is in your documents. On the one hand this shows the page and your weight. On the other hand, when it comes to paying or recruiting money, it will not complicate the username of the person who has the money does not match the name in your documents.
You do not have to enter your own name on other pages. It is often better if you do not give it.
If you're looking for a name that can not be identified by people, they can not determine where you are from, choose Mary or Evat. You can call yourself Pet or Paul. If you write Gudrun, people are almost certainly thinking of Germany. Alain refers to France and Adriano refers to Italy. Tamara, Natasha and Natali are South Slavic or Russian language areas. So if you want to refer to your country, consider these traditions as well.
It is important that the nickname is easily memorized. It's something that's easy to keep in people's minds. Therefore, it is not good to use Cyrillic, Arabic, or other spells. Most of the world writes in Latin letters. Even a mighty language like Chinese has Latin scripting. Use Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Arabic, Japanese, or Cyrillic characters to see if your posts are read only in parts of the world.
I suggest that nickname is short and simple in its description. How do you think which Nicknamet is easier for people to list: Linda or Zhuzhanna-Caliopha4578?
Of course, if we get the easy-to-remember names, nick names can be sold out quickly. For example, Linda, you may want to chose. If that is the case, you need to complete your name. For you, it's easy to remember Linda1993 because it refers to your birthday. But do you think those who are willing to email you will be so easy to remember? Using punctuation marks that do not change the name easily emphasizes the name. A wonderful idea, for example, is a name similar to "- Linda -" nickname for some respectable women. If there are many names in the list, they can be immediately noticed. It would be similar to * Linda * or * Linda *. I do not recommend the name "Linda", because quotes are often interpreted by people as being not the normal name. If you need to use numbers, use the smaller numbers and the ones that people can easily remember: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7. 15, 17 .... It's customary that people make the numbers after the name. You can also put it in front of the name (so you get ahead in the list and list). You can also type punctuation between the number and the name. The point is not good because it is interpreted differently by the programs. The comma is not good because people might think you wanted to write a point, but you missed it. But you can use -, * + and other signals that the program allows. You can also use the name by writing. It also appears to people and comments: nORA, LauRA, S-andra, Nanci, Karol ...
The bottom line is to make some nicknames in advance. Do not think about it and hush it whenever any program asks you to enter your nickname or username.