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Good password

How to make a good password?

If a content, page is important to you then you want to protect it. On the Internet, you can protect your personal belongings, important things for you by password. You need a good password. Many people advise you to use the password of your mother's birth name, the name of your first school, the name of your favorite dog, the street name where you lived five years ago, the name of the town where you were born ... This is how the rogue passwords are born.
If you need a good password, forget about things. These things can all be linked to you and this is what people know. Believe who wants to know your password, it is the first thing to look for between these and such data. But then what should my password be? - you can ask.
The password must only meet two basic requirements:
"It's complicated enough to be difficult to decipher. Nowadays, in the case of modern passwords, small letters and numbers can also be used in large letters and in certain patterns. This can be a really complicated password.
- The other thing is, the password is simple enough to keep in mind. Na, bumm! How do we fix this now?
I have an offer as an informatics. Informatics have been using it for a long time. But to make it simpler, I will not explain it, but introduce it in a practical example:
First of all, you have to find a sentence that you will never forget. It could be a joke, a quote you'd remember, a politician's stupid sentence, or something like that. The point is not to be tied to you. You do not even have to know that you like this sentence. Let's just say this: "John Scott was trying to see if there was gasoline in his car's tank. Swear the car by selling parts." Then I take every ten letters of these two sentences and get the following: Jaswwethr. I get 17 because I like it, and then 71. These two numbers do not mean anything in my life. I just like it, but I do not usually talk about it. Ja and 71 are the 17 Reverses. But there could be two completely different numbers. If the system asks for signals to be used, I use the * sign after all. That's not it! and the ? because they are in a different location on the transmitter used in different countries. So if I go abroad to an internet cafe and want to enter my password, but I do not know the keypad so much, I can easily manipulate the password. That's why I do not use the big O and zero in the password because they are easily interchangeable. I do not use special characters, which say we are in German, Swedish, Finnish, Hungarian, but are not in the English alphabet. And I do not use the "y" and "z" characters because they are also translated on some keyboards. If one of these letters is used to calculate the letters, let's say that not all 10, but 9, 5 or any number of letters are outlined in the password.
I do not learn the password from head to head, so I can not betray it. I do not write down a little piece of paper because when the person gets the paper, he gets my password too. When I have to enter my password, I only count the letters in the head and the letter will come out. There is no sign of the password, which is in this case: 17Jaswwethr71 *. And do not experiment: None of my pages have this password.