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How can I have a better shape?

Training if I do not have time

Laura, 33: In my student age I did not really like the gym. I was rather in the lazy ones. That looked like my shape. When I started working, I got a job at a client reception office. I've been sitting for a long time behind the desk for more than ten years. I can not complain, there is always little time between two clients. But to train, exercise, shape my shape is not enough. I do not have time or money to build a building club. I've read that there are some exercises I can do while working and make my shape more beautiful. I know that I can do that in the office that the others will not even notice that I'm training. Could you find out more about these exercises?
Answer: The body shaping exercises you mentioned are extremely effective. You can also do work, relax or watch TV. Indeed no one will notice that you are training. And they are extremely effective. Only be careful to do less exercise at first, as you may muscle yourself. Then, as your muscles gain strength, you can increase the number of exercises and the number of exercises.
One person is the most effective personally prepared exercises. To develop these you should know some of your features. You can get more detailed information from me if you write to my email address (, enter "Free information about personal body shaping training" in the subject box)
But to find out what this is about, I'll give you some of the exercise exercises that you can use in the more detailed, personally tailored bodybuilding exercise program. I tried to get the exercise set so that the body moves as much muscle as possible, but of course, so many gymnastics are sufficient for the full result.
- Training the legs for women: As you sit behind the desk, raise your heel. Keep your feet up until your muscles are tired. Then let your heels back to the ground and let the muscles relax. The exercise should be repeated initially by 5 to 10 times. As time goes by, the more you can keep your heels in the air.
- Combi-sharpener: Punch tightly on your thighs until you have it. When the muscles get tired, remove the legs slightly and let the muscles relax. Then look for some support under the table for the right and the ball knees. Support your knees and try harder to remove your knees from each other. Do this until the muscles are tired. If your muscles are tired again relax and hold a little rest. The exercise should be initially repeated 5 to 10 times.
- Far and hip muscles: Sit at the front of the chair, but comfortably. Then push your waist (the top of the pelvic bone) and pull out your back. Hold it as long as you can. If you are tired, pick up a comfortable relaxing body for you. Then repeat the exercise. 5-10 reps per day are required.
- Strengthen the muscles of your arm: Hold your hand down from the bottom to the table and pull yourself out, sit upright. Tighten your arm as if you wanted to raise the table. When your arms are tired, relax your muscles a little, then repeat the exercise. 5-10 reps per day are required.