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How many different passwords to use

Linda 22: There are more and more pages on the web where you need to sign in, you have to give up some password. I've been practicing for a long time that I just wanted to look at pages that were not important to me, but I also gave my own username to my password. This was my nickname so I could easily remember it. But since I once noticed that my password was different on this page, I would always try to give you some password. My problem is that the less commonly used passwords that I place on pages I visit less often forget my password. Especially when this is a page that requires more complex password (lower case, uppercase, numbers, signs). Also, because I use a relatively large number of passwords, I mix them. At the same time, I wrote the name and password to which page. But I do not find it safe enough. Not to mention that if I want to sign up for a page, I need to look at the whole booklet and find out which password belongs to that page. It has also happened that I have been in a hurry many times over the post of my search page. How do I get rid of it? How many passwords do I use?
Answer: This is a problem that is causing more and more people to worry about. I suggest that you place the pages as important as you put them into groups and determine which password to use for which group. But do not use less than three or more than five groups.
I've been retiring since I've been using four groups: The first one is the pages that are related to my family. I also include pages that ask for information about my family. If it is not mandatory or important for me and my family, I try to provide as few important data on my family as possible on different pages. For this group (four pages or system) I use the most complicated password. I replace my password four times a year. I resolve this by saying that the password contains a number that depends on how many years have elapsed since the password was created. For example, when I was writing I wrote 1686. This was the year when Buda was recaptured from the Turks. To do this, I add one each year, and in the letters t, n, o, u i indicate which password is valid in the year (spring, summer, fall, last).
In the second group I'm doing my work and other important pages. This password is quite complicated, and I also replace it every year, even in the way previously mentioned, with the starting number being 2 here. Then I decided this was the second group.
In the third group, I make my own pages and blogs. This is a simple but hard-to-guess shorter password. If you are prompted to complete the password with a capital letter, I always write the same letter in the upper case, the single letter in the password several times, more exactly twice. If there is a number, then I'll write a 2. I do not use 1 because it can be confused with the lowercase letter L for certain fonts. If there is a sign, the *. I will not notice this because the system will indicate if the simple basic password entered is not enough. The second entry is the number, the third one and the * followed.
And finally, the fourth group I just want to watch. Here, my username and password are the same as the name of that page. For example, the website has lifehack. If the name is long, I always take the first word after www. If necessary, you can also use 2 and then *. For such sites I never give personal information. If they ask for this, I will not look at the page, I will go further. If I have looked at the page and find that it may be important to me, I will make the site register properly by giving the password to the group at that time.
There are many pages a day. The first group is 4, the second contains more than 10 pages. Third, there are 17 pages. With empower and Facebook. I look at 10 to 15 pages a day. That's enough for three passwords. Two of these are complicated, but on the basis of the way I made them, I hardly need to remember something about them. The third group's password is simple, but it can not be connected to me, so it's hard to figure out. And for the fourth group I do not have to remember a single password.