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How to create a mosaic image

Today, many people in the world are trying to survive painting. Too much competition. It's really good to paint that someone can give as much picture as possible to make a living of it.
But it is still worth dealing with the arts. It may just be a technique to change. My acquaintance first thought of the arts when, when renovating his apartment, the bathroom and the kitchen had broken tile of different colors to three wheelbarrows. Instead of transporting it to other construction waste, he sorted them in the garage according to the colors. Then he visited shops selling construction supplies and offered to buy cheap tiled tiles of different colors for cheap money. There were only a couple of sheets, but there were also some of which bought 30-50 tiles for the tenth of the actual price. Then he took four four-lane stacks of 100 cents each, used under the tiles for roofing, a dozen white large wrapping papers, the same thin transparent plastic, and a box of cheap school watercolors. Then he picked up a picture of his town on his computer. He did not have much detail on the picture and there would be too many colors. Using the program, the image was reversed to the left, to the right and vice versa, and then printed. Split the square into a 4X4 field. On the wrapping paper he measured a 100 centimeter of 60 centimeters, and then divided it into 4X4. Then, with the square shield, you redrawed the image to the wrapping paper. Following the colors of the original picture, he painted it with water, then wrapped it with thin plastic foil. The picture was then surrounded by slats in the garage by an old table. At the corners where the lathes met, they put together a piece of wood on the slats and reinforced it with some angles. He made sure that the slats were stable, but they did not interfere with the work, so all the points in the picture were available.
Meanwhile, he selected the tiles according to the required colors and broke them into small pieces to the back. The resulting pieces averaged 1X1 centimeters, but there were also smaller pieces. The tiles were placed in small plastic trays, according to the colors, so that they do not mix. He then selected the tiles by following the colors of the picture. The matching surface of the matching tile was hard pressed with very little paper adhesive and glued to the film on the picture. He left a small gap between the tiles, but he was careful that the gap was not more than a few millimeters. Then mixed components of two component adhesives. The mass was mixed with a little black powder, which made it gray. Then, with a wooden plate, the glue was softened into the slit of the tiles. It also covered the back of the tiles so that the mass does not cover the back of the tiles at a half millimeter thick. He picked up two picture-hanging caps of the right size, and their holding tab was pressed up to 5 centimeters from the top edge of the image at the edge of the image near the edges of the image. When the adhesive had begun to bind, he bought a fiberglass mesh that was used by the car body repairers. This sling gently pressed on the back of the tiles to cover the glue paste. A new mass of mass was mixed with Azu'a. He poured it on the hollow and smashed it. This mass was about 1 millimeter thick. When the glue was dry, it dismantled the lath frame, turned the mosaic image and gently removed the film. There was where the film grabbed the two-component adhesive, with the small spatula gently separated the film from the image. He photographed the picture, photographed it, recorded his data and taken it to a gallery for sale. He did not choose the best-known gallery, he was looking for something that sells a lot of pictures. He had previously looked at who he sold the paintings for. He asked for $ 500 for the city's usual rates. He worked a week for 1-2 hours a day. Along with you today, you have to create a picture every day and have a picture for more than $ 1,000. You can also order multi-meter mosaics on your order. So if you have a small entrepreneur, you are not a rotten hobby. It's just a plus for the lonely people to be in the midst of preparing the picture and during the organization of the sale is always among people, listening to opinions and giving an opinion. So loneliness disappears.