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How to start

How to start a distance learning business?

Laura, 35: First of all, thank you for the answer to the previous question. We read it, we discussed it. We met the family and decided quickly. The decision is not yet final, but the following is the proposal: I teach the interested people to Hungarian embroidery. I find people in the American Hungarian Cultural Centers called Hungarian House. I write to them and look forward to them. I teach them embroideries that can be used to dress blouses, scarves, dandels, tablecloths, and bookmarks. My husband wants to make furniture repairs. I remember two years ago when we wanted to pull our favorite armchairs to get new textiles and freshen up, we did not find a master who would have done this. The furniture repair workshops wanted to bring the furniture, but otherwise they found the work poor. Nobody wanted to do this in the house. Then my husband got a book and made two things in the afternoon. So the training of furniture repairs remains. My girlfriend wants to dance. Today's middle-aged people no longer learned classical dances, mostly dancing rockandrolls. Now they would learn to learn these dances so that they could have fun at the balls. My sister decided for the painting of glass. In our house, we already painted all windows and door glasses, making personal souvenirs from glasses. So go for it.
What are we to do now?
Answer: It's good to have a small group. So you can promote more effectively together. So let's look at the tasks.
In no way do you start working to start writing the tutorial and write the material in 2-3 months. Marketing should take place at the beginning of the job. Make a website, make a blog and make an interesting entry every day. You can also use a paid blog and a website template, but at first, even if you are still confined to money and Internet knowledge is weaker, you can use the free pages safely. There are plenty of free pages that will help you to have a profitable website and blog with ease.
Look around the internet who is dealing with a similar subject. Read and collect ideas. Find out the right forums and answer as many questions as you can about the topic of your education and the answer to what you can do. In the initial period, it's good to spend 1 hour a day devoted to marketing your own business, 1 hour to get the knowledge you need to get the tutorial.
After a month, prepare the tutorial outline. It is best to use the editor of the world text editor. Expand the knowledge. Place each chapter in an appropriate order. Below the chapters, briefly describe what this chapter is about. It's best to take a free weekend here. If you have accessed some distance learning tutorials online, you can observe how they are structured and structured. You can also find free tutorials. Do not imitate the most complicated, because people and students do not hate anything anymore than the tutorials they have made. Rather than simply plain and transparent materials, and try to do the same.
Once the outline has been completed, you can complete the tutorials by uploading sections of the individual chapters. Do not forget to practice exercises at the end of the chapters. You will need 1-2 months to complete the text. The 90-day marketing period runs smoothly. If you work well, the first customers will also appear. If you do not have a customer yet, it means you have to change a bit about the marketing campaign and continue the job. Never forget: Buying a buyer is not about quick success, but about the result of persistent work.
If you have any questions, write: