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How will dressing be a source of earnings?

People like to be unique. They like to wear clothes that others do not have, they love when they have objects that do not have anyone else.
The high quality improvement of the confectionery industry has resulted in the fact that virtually every human being finds the shape and height of industrial dresses nowadays. The quality of the clothes is very good. Its material and color choices are made with the clothes of the most popular fashion companies. They have one mistake: They are not unique.
I remember feeling a little when I bought a shirt that was said to be unique. Made of blue and white. After a few days on the street I met a man in the same room (Of course another man), only from green and white. Not long afterwards, in another city, the blue-white shirt came with me. The same as mine. I've never bought anything from that company.
Unfortunately, such cases can be expected. People therefore give it all, if with a little stain or decoration, we really make our blouses and blossoms unique. Specifically, they are willing to pay $ 500- $ 700 today in the US. And with good marketing, it would be easy to have so many orders that a lot of people would have work. Of course you can ask for it so much, you must know it. How? By dealing with dress painting.
I suggest you buy some jumbo shirts in which the manufacturer did not include your company listing. After all, you do not want to get her acquainted, but for yourself. Large vendors produce different logos, passwords, or often completely meaningless texts for such jerseys. You paint them landscapes, cityscape, names. Anything. And always sign it legibly. Put the year of making it up.
Then, sell it on the internet for sale. Say you can go mad at auctions. (Auctions are very successful when the seller sells part of the price for charitable purposes). How much do you offer? You can buy some of these high-made jerseys for a few bucks. So you're still looking for $ 10. But you are well underestimated. I would ask for 50-100 USD for the tricot painted work. Before I send the jersey, I'll take a picture and then go to the internet to give this picture, which was made for a tricot, to give it to Key West. I would not write her price. Not the price of the jersey sold. But at least there would be a few new prizes with a price that would be 5-10 or more dollars higher than the price of a previously sold jersey. So it would be a good idea for someone who bought the jersey earlier, after all, he made a very good purchase. But as sales are down, prices can be raised upwards and upwards. How much do today painters wear pictures of tricolor? The average painter not yet earned a reputation for $ 500-700 will be asked for it. But there is a more remarkable painter who has a lot more to paint his t-shirt painted. These are usually sold to galleries and fashion stores. How many people do you want to appear with a tricot painted on Monte Carlo on the promenade or at Daytona Beach on the beach? Or somewhere else. They are all potential buyers. And most importantly, they will need a new tricot with time. These are returning customers. They're just waiting to start painting and get a little fame for you.