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I am on a diet. Then what are you doing now?

Sarah, 27: The holidays are coming. We have a fun party at our place. There are many delicious dishes, wine, champagne, whiskey and more. I'm dieting. Can not I eat anything now?
Answer: A good diet program is not about starvation. You need to develop a diet that best suits your body.
It's natural that you can eat during the holidays. You just have to pick what you eat and drink.
As for the drink, it's a simple thing: What you need to avoid is whiskey, flavored mineral water, energy drink, beer, factory juices. What you can eat a bit: dry red wine, champagne, tea (without sugar), coffee (without sugar). Recommended: mineral water, water.
As far as food is concerned: Do not eat sweet meals, pasta, pizza, cakes, greasy husks, greasy cheeses, mayonnaise, ketchup, different factory creams. Very good dry roasted husks, ham, cheeses, eggs. Eggs should be taken care of, because if you eat too much yolk, the content of the blood's cholesterol may increase. And try to eat as much salad as possible. And if you do not eat too much of them, the fruits are also allowed.
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