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Very expensive?

Sharon, 33: I like a collage. Of course I'm a family and he has a wife too. Somehow, however, we were close to each other. We do not have to be surprised, because in today's world we are more with corporate colleagues than our husbands or wives. So I do not want to take it. He says he loves his wife. But I see her looking for my company, polite and always praising me. The holidays are coming and my husband will not be in town. Business trip. I know his wife is going away. Corporate parties are wretched. And I've already planned everything. I just do not know if he wants anything or we'll just talk again, laugh and dance. I would like to ask. I've heard that the Blue Card system is for that. But I'm afraid it's very expensive. And I do not even know how to use it.
Answer: The Blue Card system was designed to allow a woman to ask something about a man she would not ask. Something that according to the rules of law women do not ask the men, but sometimes it would be nice if women could get the answer.
The great advantage of Blue Card is that the woman does not have to reveal themselves at the time of questioning. He may do so after he only tells his identity after he has answered and only says his name if the answer was correct for him.
How expensive is it? Well, not the cheapest thing in the world. But it is said that nothing is cheap, which is good. For one year the membership fee is 120 USD. But this one year you use as many times as you want, and whenever you need it. So maybe it's not that expensive.
If you have any other information about Blue Card, write to my address: In the Subject box, enter "Free information about Blue Card".