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Health preservation exercises

If you love yourself, do this practice every day!

There are some who exercise every day. Others rarely recruit or move their muscles. Most muscles are moving enough during the day. If you do not, you'll enjoy it.
But there are exercises that should never be missed. These exercises are designed to stimulate the blood supply to the neck and head, strengthen the neck muscles. You do not need any special clothing or accessories. You can do exercises anywhere. Sitting or lying down. There are three very simple exercises that you should do every day. But only if you want to keep your youth safe if you want to stay healthy ... Otherwise, forget about it.
- Move your chin on your breast, then brush your head for the first time with five stones and then left to the left. The practice should be repeated five times.
- Turn your head as far as you can to the right. Hold it a bit, then fold it to the left. Terts a short break, then repeat the exercise five times.
- Turn your head to the right as if you want to look at something on the right. Turn your head as far as you can. Keep it a little bit, then turn it to the opposite side. Here also stop a bit and repeat the exercise five times.
When you are sitting, working on a computer or typing machine, you can not repeat the exercises during the day.
I wish you good health.