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Jenifer, 31: I heard that when I did not eat and avoid fast food, I could lose 5 to 10 kilograms. Is this true?
Answer: The diet has three major enemies: It is the fact that, whenever you eat meals, soft drinks and fast-food meals.
Fast-food meals contain plenty of oil, sugar and salt. He feels about oil and sugar. Salt absorbs water in your body, which will make it harder. The average human body is 70 percent water. If the normal amount of salt is introduced, the body can keep this ratio. If more salts are added to the body, we will be more difficult to get the amount of water that is tied up. in addition, it is not healthy yet. Eater meals are usually overexposed to make people feel thirsty, drink more and feel better, more food has been introduced into their body. Of course, the opposite must be taken care of. If someone consumes too little salt, the body's healthy water ratio is disrupted.
Excessive consumption of soft drinks also causes problems. Most soft drinks contain lots of sugar and sweeteners. This is a real calorie bomb. In addition, sugar, flavor enhancers and sweeteners are made by the manufacturers of soft drinks to enhance the body's sense of humor when we try to use our soft drink instead of water to inhale our thighs. This forces you to drink another soft drink.
And then we reached the most important part of the question. The nourishment between meals is completely unnecessary. It's just a rotten habit. If you do not eat in the meals and do not increase the amount of food you eat during your meals, you will lose 5 kilograms a year for Christmas. But maybe more.
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