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If you want to ask something, but do not worry

I do not want to do it again

Helen 26: Even the university once invited a boy to entertain my room. She said no. But every boy in our company was courting me. Even he. Later she said she did because there was the girl who was already her bride, but I did not know. It was a year later when she was married and wanted to approach me. Then I said no, but my heart did not want that. I'm alone now. I like many of my friends and I would like to invite one of them to the big party at the end of the year. But I'm afraid that if I ask directly, I get a negative answer again. One of my girlfriends says there is a Blue Card system that can be used at this time. How does it work?
Answer: The essence of the system is that a woman can ask a man what he would not otherwise have. You can do this by not having to reveal your identity during the questioning. The operation of the system is quite complicated, but its use is very simple. You can get more information by writing to In the Subject box, enter "Free information about the Blue Card".