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I'm fat!

Help me, I'm fat!

Jessica, 34: The holidays are coming. I looked a little closer. Unfortunately, I have a little crap. And that in the dress I want to buy on the feast is unfortunately apparent. It does not bother me in my butt and my breasts. That's right. But I want to take my belly. Are there any gymnasiums that can help him?
Answer: The body is not like cake making: I'm doing a little here, and I'm lost. The organization itself regulates where to lay the reserves. And the fatty cushion is most common in the buttocks, abdomen and women. But you are also controlling your body to determine when and how to consume the reserves in case of weight loss.
However, there is a solution to your problem: You must do a gym practice that will strengthen the abdominal muscles. These muscles will then tighten the sore fat pillars tighter, and you will be much smaller. And with the exercises the fat pillow will lose weight too. But I'll tell you that these are pretty strenuous exercises, and if you start training a lot at startup, you'll have a muscle twitch. However, if you start moderately, you will surely be satisfied with the result.
And then we have the exercises:
- Lying on your back after bedtime and before uprising. Tighten and tighten your feet close to each other. Raise your outstretched legs so that your heel is 20 to 30 centimeters away from the bed. Keep your feet so long as you can, and then if the muscles are flushing, let it go back and rest for a while. It's good to go back to practice five times, then repeat it twice a day, until you get to the 15 exercises.
- You can do the other exercise at your workplace when you work in an office or at a desk. If your desk has a front panel, your colleagues will not see you when you train. The practice is as follows: Sit on the edge of the chair's seat, but be careful that the chair stays stable. Pull your back, then raise your feet from your thigh and keep it until the muscles are tired. Then let your feet rest and let the muscles relax. You should do the exercise 15 times a day, by letting you spend at least 5 minutes between two exercises, but if you have more rest in your muscles, it's okay.
There are some exercises you can do at work, traveling, or waiting. But you can also do homework, or while you're at home. All this so that your environment is noticed. For free information, please contact: In the Subject box, enter "Free information about the personal body shaping program."