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Internet and health

I'm Internet dependent. What should I do?

Susan, 44: They tell me I'm an addictive internet. And I also think they are right, but when they say, I always protest. When I can do it, I sit next to the computer. If you're not in the car, I'm watching the internet on my cellphone. I get to know all that is offered on the internet. I have a lot of chat rooms and I am part of several social media. There are also ones with more than ten pages. Sometimes I forget about the daily activities I forget about my daily tasks. What should I do?
Answer: In the internet addiction, a lot more people suffer than we think. In particular, young people are being infected by this phenomenon, but it is often the case that the elderly will become the Internet robber. Internet addicts tell a person when they can not do without internet.
Fortunately, this is a addiction that can not be killed. Of course, it can make a great deal of distress on the life of the patient and those around him. The Internet is no longer used by the Internet as it is important to him, but the Internet moves man. It depends on the Internet when it does what it does and how it lives.
What to do about it: Only one thing is needed. Accept yourself using the Internet just for things that are good for you. And keep it. Never use it unnecessarily.
Initially it will be difficult. You can not resist doing anything on the Internet if you do not need it. This can be easily done. Learn. Find pages where you can learn something free of charge. Find information. Just answer the posts posted on the Internet if you feel you really have the say and you have to say it.
And slowly you take control over 90-120 days. The Internet will not guide you, but you will decide when to use the Internet.
And why is that important? Because contingencies are causing depression. This can not only ruin your life and your environment, but your health may be very dangerous as well. Do you need this? If it does not, put it on you ..