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Intimate questions

Help me ask what you should not

Marie, 32: With one of my colleagues, we'll always go to the corporate center, a big city. In that case, let's report on the work done and get the newer tasks. We spend a couple of days in the big city. We are discussing the day, we are attending meetings and we have a little fun night and night We always get two adjacent rooms in the same hotel. My colleague is two years older than me and I like him very much. The company has a lot to tell about her love affairs, though she has a family. My friends say I'm an attractive woman. I also have a family, but on such official roads I usually dream of my colleague. I would like to ask why there is nothing between us and what I should do to do something. We have already talked about very intimate things, but I do not dare to ask him directly. I was raised so that a woman could not ask such questions to a man.
Answer: It is not uncommon for women to be the initiators. Men, with a few exceptions, love it. The only problem is that because of the education, women do not know or do not dare to ask the most important, specific questions. Many men do not understand the slightest signs. Women are really afraid that if the answer to their question is unfavorable, the questioned man will still be rumored that the woman may be laughed at the company.
In such cases, the Blue Card system is the solution. This makes it possible for women to ask the most delicate questions as well, while retaining their anonymity. And their secrets, they will only reveal themselves if the man you ask is answered to the woman.
The Blue Card system is not cheap. The annual membership fee is USD 120. In the end, this is not much, since only $ 10 per month. Much more is spent on women with completely meaningless things, coffee, newspaper. In a year, a woman can make such a delicate question as much as he wants. Meanwhile, your identity may be hidden. The system excluded automatic IT solutions, so if hackers try to crack it, they will not be able to access any important data. Nevertheless, the system can have a very successful relationship between two people in order to solve the delicate situations and ask each other questions that they would not otherwise ask. For more information, go to Enter "Blue card" in the Subject box.