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The real relaxation

Sandra, 47: I often hurt my leg. In that case, a little foot massage would be great. Nobody cares about it in our little city. But many colleagues complain of a foot and they say they would pay up to $ 50 if a person would have been dying 1-2 times a week on their feet. I also want to learn because of myself. I'm a trader and I'm walking a lot while working. The company is obliged to wear high heels shoes to have a good fit. But it's tiring. I thought if I learned foot massage, I could help myself and help my colonists. There will be a small income for me ... Where can I get the curriculum? From an Educated Book? Or from the Internet?
Answer: Foot massage is truly extraordinary relaxation. Since all the acupuncture points in the body are found on the base, it not only delivers a pleasing sensation, it helps to reduce foot pain, but also stimulates the body's function, helps keep your youthful appearance and strengthens the body's resistance.
I do not know, I think I can learn more about the book. There are quite a lot of people trying to do this, and even after that, they start entrepreneurship with this knowledge, but I think they hurt more than they use with their fellow students. Better downloadable from the Internet is not even better. However, it can be learned through interactive online education. If you are interested, write to In the Subject box, enter "Foot Massage"
And what's important is to learn from this curriculum online by learning how to get your business free of charge without investing.